Thailand and Australia
In 1996, while attending the International Federation for Home Economics World Congress in Bangkok, Anne was able to meet members of the Bangkok and Dusit Clubs and also visit Cabbages and Condoms set up as part of SIAM, Soroptimist International AIDS Mediation
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Soroptimists from the UK at dinner with members of the Bangkok and Dusit Clubs
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Anne afterwards went on to Australia and met Soroptimists in Melbourne and Townsville.
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The floral display planted in Melbourne to mark 75 years of Soroptimist International
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Anne with Judy Robertson, PP, at the farm centre for street children supported by Townsville Soroptimists
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Having coffee at Judy Robertson's with Presidents and members of the three Townsville SI Clubs.
Soroptimists from Ghana, Norway, Switzerland, Barbados and the UK were among delegates at the International Federation for Home Economics XIXth World Congress held in Accra in July 2000.
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His Excellency The President of Republic of Ghana Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings greets Hon. Ms. Patience Adow Regional Minister, IFHE Vice-President and member of S.I. Accra-Unity.

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On Friday 21 July 2000, mahogony trees were planted along the Meridian as part of the Millennium Tree Line. Seen here with the Hon. Ms. Patience Adow of S.I. Accra-Unity are Jean Edwards S.I. Southampton and Anne Hudson SIGBI Adviser for Environment.
The SI European Congress in Istanbul 9th - 12th July 2001.
Visiting Istanbul for the European Congress was certainly a memorable experience. The mixing of cultures, the architectural beauty of historic buildings and the courtesy of the general public contributed to the delights of this wonderful city. The warmth of continuous sunshine was matched by the friendship of delegates from 51 countries, attending the Congress in Swissotel overlooking the Bosphorus.
Into the 21st Century with Youth commenced with the flag ceremony and video of SI Europe. Lala Alkan, SI President of Turkey spoke of natural links between Europe and Asia and of Mustafa Kemel Ataturk, granting women the franchise in 1923.
Ayla Selcuk, SI President of Europe, in welcoming everybody, reminded us that "Soroptimists are working in solidarity with a spirit of democracy in every aspect, among ourselves and those we serve, to promote and increase tolerance, equality and peace for the future."
Fine music, poetry, beautiful flowers and a minimum of formality set the tone of this Congress.
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