My Cooper Ancestors

Ellen Knowles

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Ellen Knowles was born in St Albans 4 Sept 1837, daughter of Charles Goodwin Knowles and Elizabeth Radland. She married Charles Cooper, b 1835 son of Robert Cooper and Martha Graystone, on 27 July 1865 at Dallinghoo, Suffolk. Charles died in Charsfield in 1882 and Ellen died in Slough 1926. They had five children: Eliza, Clara, Alfred Robert, Edwin Charles and Ellen Martha. In the photo above she is with Eliza, Clara and Eliza’s son Arthur Suttling.
Charles Goodwin Knowles married Elizabeth Radland at Christ Church, Spitalfields, London on 29 May 1832.
Robert Cooper,1795-1873, married Martha Graystone, 1798-1878, at Dallinghoo 19th October 1819.

Ellen Martha Cooper

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My grandmother Ellen Martha Cooper was born in Charsfield, Suffolk in 1876, youngest daughter of Charles Cooper and Ellen Knowles. She married Joseph Henry Thorn on 20 Nov 1897 at St Laurence's, Upton cum Chalvey. She died in Slough in 1912.
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Eliza Cooper

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Eliza Cooper was born in Charsfield, Suffolk on 27th April 1866, the eldest daughter of Charles Cooper and Ellen Knowles. She married a widower, Thomas Suttling (1863- 1901), on 14th April 1894 at St Luke's, Richmond. At that time she was a domestic servant at Lion Gate, Kew Road, Richmond. Thomas died in 1901 and she later married another widower, William Plumridge (1863-1924), at St Laurence's, Upton cum Chalvey on 11 Feb 1911. She died in Slough 27 July 1953.
Eliza’s only child, Arthur Thomas Suttling, was born 8th October 1898 in Bethnal Green. He married Lily Maud Maslin at St Paul’s Church Slough on 31st July 1926. Arthur died in Slough on 10th July 1956.

Clara Cooper

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Clara Cooper was born in Charsfield, Suffolk on 22nd April 1867, the second daughter of Charles Cooper and Ellen Knowles. She died in Slough 7 April 1953.
In 1881 Clara, aged 14, was a nurse at High Street Grammar School, Barking, Suffolk (south of Stowmarket). The head of the household was Robert Hall, headmaster aged 31. In 1887 she joined the Thorp family at Darsham, Suffolk and worked for them for many years in Felbridge, London and Hove. The Rev John Thorp arrived in Darsham in 1866 and in 1881 was living in the Vicarage with his wife Sarah and children. In 1889 John Thorp became Vicar of Felbridge where he served until 1915. After his death Clara lived with the two unmarried daughters at 21 St Georges Court, Gloucester Rd., London. Sometime after WWI. they moved to Hove. She finally retired after WWII and lived with her niece, Ethel Dunster in India Road, Slough.

Edwin Charles Cooper

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Edwin Charles Cooper was born in Charsfield, Suffolk on 30th April 1871, the second son of Charles Cooper and Ellen Knowles. He died in Stoke by Nayland on 2nd Dec 1947. He is pictured here with his wife, Catherine Mary Church, who he married in Charsfield on 29th December 1897, and four of his five children. Florence (1899-1978), Mabel (1901-1971), Frederick John (1906-1970), and Sidney Robert (1911-1984).
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Back row: George Alfred Whitten (1896-1971) who married Mabel Cooper 14 Apr 1922, St Mary’s, Stoke by Nayland. John Joseph Rickard, Evelyn Patricia Whitten (1924 - 2009) Mabel Whitten, Sidney Robert Cooper, Frederick John Cooper.
Front Row: Sylvia Mabel Whitten (b. 1931), Catherine Mary Cooper (1867-1946)