My Great Uncle Thomas Morgan Hudson

Thomas Morgan, the eldest son of Henry and Mary Ann Hudson was born in Garford and baptised there on 4th November 1866.
In the 1881 census he was a grocer's assistant in Wantage. He seved n the Grenadier Guards 1883-1890. He Served in the Reading Police Force from 1890 until 1905.
He lived for many years at 21 The Grove Reading. (Kellys Directory) and was a Commissionaire at Suttons Seeds after leaving the Police.
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Thomas Morgan Hudson - Career in the Grenadier Guards
Short Service Attestation for Foot Guards
No 8697 Thos Morgan Hudson
Grenadier Guards
Joined London 8th August 1883 Born Marcham, Berkshire
Description of Thomas Morgan Hudson on enlistment
Age apparently: 18 years
Age physically equivalent to: under 19 years
Height 71 5/8 inches Weight 143 lbs
Chest measurement 34 inches
Complexion fresh Eyes blue Hair brown
Religious denomination C of England
Distinctive marks: small scar front of right knee
Medical History
Revaccinated 13 Aug 1883 Arm: arm Number: two Result: perfect
General remarks as to habits, conduct, &c. Very Good
Medical Record
Station arrived admitted into hospital discharged Disease No of days in hospital Remarks
Dublin 29 8 84 30 8 84 31 8 84 Balanitis 2
Windsor 15 9 85 16 3 86 20 3 86 Bronchial catarrh 4 expectorant
Windsor 26 3 86 29 3 86 ? 3 ?
London 11 10 86 25 10 86 Gonorrhoea 15 Alkali 9 inj
Thomas Morgan Hudson - Career in the Reading Police Force
Date of Joining: December 4th 1890: Date of appointment: March 10th 1891
Age: 25 Height: 6ft 1/2 inch Complexion: fresh Hair: brown Eyes: blue
Where born: Garford, Berks
Former Occupation: Grocer
Former Public Service: Grenadier Guards, 7 years
Rewards and Promotions:
Dec 15th 1891: Promoted to the second class
Dec 19th 1893: Promoted to the first class
Dec 17th 1895: Promoted to the merit class
Oct 18th 1897: Promoted to the rank of Sergeant 3rd class, commenced duties as warrant officer 9/12/97
Oct 18th 1898: Promoted to the rank of 2nd class Sergeant
Oct 18th 1902: Promoted to the rank of 2nd class Sergeant NS 1902: Promoted to the first class
Resigned 16.6.05
Reports Particulars
Punishment Jan 2nd 1891 Reported by Sergt Cook for missing 12 midnight Jack and 2 am Alexandra Rd Conference Points on 27th December 1890 Severely reprimanded by H.C. 2nd Jan 1891
Jan 8th 1892 The worse of intoxicating liquor whilst on duty in Friar Street at 5 am Severely reprimanded by H.C. 26th Jan 1892
Aug 7th 1904 Drunk off duty at 11 pm Severely reprimanded 14.9.04
June 16th 1905 Reported by Police Surgeon to be suffering from alcoholism Permitted by Watch Committee to resign