My Grandfather Joseph Henry Thorn

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Joseph Henry Thorn was born in Langley, Bucks in 1875, son of Joseph Thorn and Ellen Portsmouth.
He married Ellen Martha Cooper on 20 Nov 1897 at St Laurence's, Upton cum Chalvey. Joseph died in Slough 16th July 1918.
They had four daughters:
Clara Dorothy (1898 - 1924), Ethel Ellen (1901 - 1987), Edith Mildred (1903 - 1914) and Muriel Lucy (1909 - 2001). A son Joseph, born in the 3rd quarter of 1911, died in infancy along with his mother, Ellen Martha, early in 1912.
In the 1901 census the family are living at 32 Park Street, Slough when Joseph is a foundry labourer. This would probably have been at the Gotha Iron Works where his brother John Thorn was also employed. The name was changed to Windsor Works on the outbreak of war in 1914.
By 1911 they are at 34 Wexham Road and Joseph has become a greengocer-hawker.
Joseph married for a second time in 1916 to Emily M Bray.

Clara Dorothy Thorn and Joseph Rickards

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Clara Dorothy Thorn, known as Dolly, was born on 2 Nov 1898, the first child of Joseph Thorn and Ellen Cooper. She married Joseph Rickards (1891-1950) at St Laurence’s Upton cum Chalvey, on 5th Oct 1921. Joseph was a paraplegic, having been wounded early in WWI. At the time of their marriage he was a resident at the Princess Alice Home in Slough. A son, John Joseph was born 16 Oct 1922. Sadly his mother died of tuberculosis on 5 Apr 1924 and John was brought up by his great aunt Eliza Plumridge (née Cooper) with help from his aunt Lucy Thorn.
At the start of WW2, John enlisted in the RAF and was attached as groundcrew to 458 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force. While in North Africa he met a WAAF, Lucille Mary Hepburn and they were married in Algiers on 17 December 1945. Mary died in 1998; John died on 24 May 2007 in Clacton on Sea, Essex. Their son, Hugh Rickards, was born in Slough on 29 December 1946. He died on 1st January, 2016 in Clacton on Sea.
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458 RAAF Squadron, served in Bomber Command in World War Two, operating Wellington aircraft in Britain and later in the Mediterranean area.
From the beginning, 458, although being an Australian squadron, was a close family of men from many nations, united in the struggle against tyranny. Flying from their base at Holme-on-Spalding Moor in Yorkshire, Australian, Canadian, South African, New Zealand and British airmen, bombed Germany's European fortress.
Flying to Egypt, they began in the eastern Mediterranean. They carried bombs, mines, torpedoes and depth charges, playing a major part in strangling movement of enemy shipping. After pursuing the retreating enemy from Egypt to Algeria, through Sardinia and north into Italy, their war ended at Gibraltar.

Ethel Thorn and Edgar Dunster

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Ethel Ellen Thorn was born in Slough on Christmas Day 1901 and died in Maidenhead on 21 October 1987. On the 30 July 1932 she married Edgar Dunster at St Lawrence's Upton cum Chalvey. Born in Tenterden on 29 July 1907, Edgar died in St Michaels, Kent on 16 April 1972. They lived for most of their married life at 12 India Road Slough before retiring to St Michaels. Their son Edgar was born in Slough on 25 April 1933. He died in Wexham Park Hospital, Slough and was cremated on 4 October 2016
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