Freda’s Poems

The Briars

The day is Friday,
Our journey is set.
To go to the Briars,
Whether it is dry or it is wet.

The Garden and woodlands,
Holds Flora and Fauna,
Along with the creatures,
Around every corner.

The birdlife is varied,
From Robins to blue tits,
Along with the finches,
On hedgerows and feeders sits.

We all work together,
With a united resolve,
Whatever the task,
To reach achievable goals.

Through thick and thin,
And help from Hilary and Dick,
The conservation group,
Do their own little bit.

To add to the interest,
And to nurture your esteem,
Working on the John Muir award
Various projects to be seen.


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Poem 2
Today is a Friday,
To Briars we weave,
One of the tasks,
Could be clearing the leaves.

The weather has been blustery,
Trees have been swaying,
So onward we go,
Picking up twigs that are laying.

Rain has been pouring,
It spreads all about,
It clogs up the ditches,
Needing clearing no doubt.

Mushrooms and toadstools,
In woodland walk,
Can be identified and listed,
For the children’s walk.

To add to the interest,
Some log piles are created,
Encouraging wildlife,
Which are also debated.

The birdlife is varied,
Awaiting the day,
When we fill up the feeders,
With a comprehensive buffet!

The garden and meadow,
Also need attention,
Weeding and planting,
And repairing fences.

At the end of the morning,
To the barn we return,
Where’we have a cuppa,
And where the children can learn.

Our visit has ended,
The tasks are complete,
We climb aboard the taxi,
And we all take a seat.

Freda’s Artwork

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