Discovering the Briars: a Field Centre on Ashdown Forest

Our work directly supports the RSPB work at the Briars, local school projects and Soroptimist International projects.
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We participated in several  main surveys

Butterflies and Moths for WWF with M&S
Dormouse survey for the mammal society
Fungi Survey for the briars centre in preparation for RSPB wildlife explorers
Snow tracks and prints
Opal Survey for Lichens
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Management Walks

We regularly walk the paths and trails of the Briars field Centre. We check that everything is safe and ready for RSPB groups and schools following wildlife explorer activities.
This consists of clearing, making paths safe, filling holes made by rabbits and deer, collecting fallen dead wood used for log pile mini-beast habitats and Pooh sticks. When necessary we pull bracken and brambles from paths and meadow areas.
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Maintenance work

Laying bark paths, tree protection shields, tree planting, hedgerow infill and gap filling; maintaining bird feeders, greenhouse cleaning and planting, plant watering and feeding, tidying store sheds and clearing and maintaining ponds.
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Trialling sensory trail

Sharpen your eyes trail, smelly walk, discovery trails and rainbow sticky cards.
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Medical trail

We are helping identify plants which have a history of medical use so that a new discovery trail can be developed. Then we shall help with labelling and protection arrangements
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Discussion Group

Every week after our conservation activities and RSPB preparation we have a discussion how things have gone and how we feel about our work. If we have ‘finds’ or photos we can examine these and talk about them. We often bring up ideas for the next week’s activities. In discussion we can get ideas and thoughts from volunteer leaders and key workers

Art at the Briars

We carry ideas back to our art group, take photographs and help with visual features at the Briars centre
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Discovering other environmental sites

Such as walks to Pooh Sticks Bridge, Standen House and Garden, Lingfield Nature Reserve and Wakehurst Place.
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Sharing Understanding with children

In art work; guiding for open gardens and group visits; photo displays of our work; EGMA Committee discussions and with other support partners such as SI East Grinstead Club.