Briars Lodge Hedge Improvement for Wildlife
We have been planting extra species in the hedge surrounding our Wealden wild flower meadow, copse and woodland edge with native species by filling gaps and thickening - encouraging wildlife by providing a corridor, habitat and increased food sources.
Non-native species include Laurel and Rhododendron needed stumps removing .
We will involve Schools in planting and hedgerow studies.
All our efforts with our hedges have been to provide small mammal and bird habitats and migration corridors.
Where there are gaps we planted staggered double rows 45cm apart, with plants 90cm apart in winter 2019.
As plants grow we will continue our regular hedge trimming by hand (which is part of our regular maintenance).
We removed brambles before planting the new whips ( Bramble patches are positioned elsewhere as another habitat).
Our hedges are important habitats for visiting children to explore and we can use observation of the increased growth as a learning activity and a “wilding” story line..
The work has been kindly funded by the High Weald AONB Partnership who administer the Lund Fund supporting High Weald Landscapes.
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Before Planting

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After Planting

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