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The Wildlfe award scheme is all about finding out about wildlife, doing practical things to help and telling other people. 
Lots of things threaten our wildlife, but nature is all around us and there are things you can do to help. This award scheme shows you how.
It’s easy to take part and achieve the awards. There’s a bronze award, a silver award and a gold award and the activities you can do to achieve them are divided up into four sections:
•Finding out what’s there
•Helping wildlife
•Being environmentally friendly
•Spread the word.   
There are 33 tasks in the award scheme and you get one point for each. However, two of the activities (making a pond and making a wildlife garden) are worth double points.
Bronze award
To get your bronze award, you need to complete six activities, including at least one from each section. You only need to do five activities if one of the activities you have chosen has double points.
Silver award
For a silver award, you need to do another six (making a total of 12), including at least two from each section.
Gold award
For a gold award, you need to do another six activities (making a total of 18), with at least three from each section.

St Mary the Virgin School  Hartfield gains the
RSPB Gold Wildlife Award Again

Throughout 2016 the Wildlife & Science Club worked at environmental and science activities: . They achieved the RSPB Wildlife Explorers Gold Award in July for individual pupils and the whole School.
The Group undertook the following activities: Growing Plants, Studying Minibeasts, Clearing Litter, Travel Survey :Bike, Bus or Walk? Birds observations and feeding, putting on an assembly presentation.

The group had a reply from Nus Ghani Wealden MP who they had written to about environmental concerns.
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