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From an early age, I have always been interested in wildlife conservation and I have been a member of the RSPB East Grinstead Wildlife Explorers Group since I was 7 years old. Since becoming a Wildlife Explorer, I have changed as a person as my confidence has grown through meeting people of different ages. My experience has also confirmed my interest of wildlife photography. Now nearly 18 years later and volunteering as an Assistant Leader for 6 years, I enjoy leading activities and giving something back to our group by teaching children how to appreciate nature as much as I do. I find my voluntary position with the RSPB very rewarding and I hope to continue working alongside the RSPB in the foreseeable future, whilst pursuing a career as an aspiring Chartered Accountant.

Gemma Isitt-Potter
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Initially, I was associated with the RSPB East Grinstead Wildlife Explorers Group for nearly 18 years as a parent. As a long standing RSPB member and supporting occasional events at Standen, I have recently become an Assistant Leader and Qualified First Aider. As a change to my everyday role working as a Full Time Maths teacher and Director of Studies at an independent school in Kent, I enjoy supporting the work of Hilary and Dick Rowberry with the East Grinstead Wildlife Explorers Group, whilst broadening my knowledge and understanding of wildlife conservation.

Phyl Potter