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The postcode for Fletching Church is TN22 3SS
Sunday 1st August Trinity 9 10am Holy Communion, Organ Recital Wednesday 28th July


Dear All,

Having read both the Government advice and the C of E briefing document applying that advice, I’d like to make the following changes to our Sunday morning service. The first thing to note is that the Government and the C of E expect and recommend the continued use of masks, social distancing and good hand hygiene in church buildings. They also recommend ‘zoning’ within the building to allow people to feel as safe as possible if they are concerned, for example, about the restarting of congregational singing.

I feel this list represents a measured response to, what turns out to be, a gradual lifting of restrictions.

The bungee ropes will be removed, and it will be left to common sense to maintain appropriate distancing.
Because of the advised need to continue wiping down surfaces between for example, a Saturday wedding and Sunday morning, the pew runners and kneelers will be kept in store for a little while longer.
The choir and bellringers are in discreet areas and have set their own rules around face masks and distancing as advised by their national guilds. A full choir can resume this weekend and so can bell ringing.
People who would like to remove their masks to sing should sit in the front half of church. Those who want to keep their masks on and not sing should sit towards the back. I don’t want you to feel evicted from your favourite pew rather, this ‘zoning’ (as recommended by the Government and the C of E) is designed to respect the anxiety you may feel about being close to airborne particles generated by singing.
I will continue to wear my mask as at present.
We won’t reintroduce the common chalice quite yet.
We won’t restart the offertory quite yet either.
Refreshments will be reintroduced for those who choose to have some. Over refreshments, masks can be removed.
I’ll be by the door to speak to all who prefer not to stay for refreshments or prefer to take them outdoors.

Finally, you might like to visit this NHS website for advice on getting used to the lifting of restrictions:

Best wishes,


Newsletter for 25th July
A reflection for 25th July by Revd. Dr. David Knight

Calendar of Services for August 2021
Sunday 1st August Ninth Sunday after Trinity
10am Holy Communion followed by farewell to Ali Brown
Sunday 8th August Tenth Sunday after Trinity
10am Holy Communion
Sunday 15th August Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
10am Holy Communion
Sunday 22nd August Twelth Sunday after Trinity
10am Holy Communion
Sunday 29th August Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity
10am Holy Communion

To make arrangements for Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals
please contact
Revd Dr David Knight
Vicar of Fletching,
The Vicarage, Mill Lane, Fletching, TN22 3SR
07787 860 667

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A Very English Organ (II)

The organ concert at Fletching Church in aid of Family Support Work will now take place on 28th July at 7.30pm. Peter Bassett will present a programme of 19th century music, illustrating the continental influences on the English organ through music of the most popular composers of the time.

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