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The Recording
The programme was recorded on a Zoom Handy H4 stereo recorder. Recording was subject to the usual sounds of a country church environment: passing aircraft and traffic, motor mowers, dogs barking, visitors to the church and resident jackdaws. While every effort has been made to minimise them there may still be some occasional background noise.
The organ was tuned for the recital in April but the recordings were only possible during May / June and so the change in temperature has had some impact on the tuning, noticeable in the later part of the programme. Overall it is a fair representation of the organ and its sound.
Get the CD
It is possible to order a recording* on mp3 file or CD of the entire 60 minute programme including the commentary, together with the 8 page colour booklet with notes on the organ and the programme, by emailing:

There is no charge, but you are kindly asked to make a donation to Project Refresh