Help for Nepalese Landslide Victims

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Our Friendship link club SI Kathmandu asked us for help. SIGBI were alerted and £2000 from the Emergency Relief Fund was sent to Save the Children.
SI Lewes have collected money to be given to SI Kathmandu to help schoolgirls in the disaster area. One school was totally destroyed, killing 33 children.

Bloom Nepal School

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This school was opened in 2013 by a Pestalozzi alumnus. The Lewes Club are sponsoring Prativa, who comes from a rural part of Nepal. We also support Kabita who is now studying science +2 at at another school.

Unfortunately, the earthquakes that struck Nepal in April 2015 greatly impacted Bloom Nepal. Just prior to the earthquake, Bloom Nepal was preparing to scale up with an enrollment of 150 students and transfer to a new location in Godavari with more space and facilities for the students. The earthquake destroyed not only the biggest of the three buildings that were intended for the school's use, but also impacted the enrollment, as students chose to go home or to other schools outside the Kathmandu valley. The secondary buildings were damaged to the point of being uninhabitable. Two custodians lost their lives. The students also suffered injuries along with long-lasting emotional trauma.
Undeterred, with the help of One to Watch, the School was able to lease 25K square meter of land in Lubhoo, Lalitpur. The school relocated to Lubhoo, in a self-established transitional set-up made using bamboo, tarpaulin, mud and tents. Only 85 of the 150 students returned to school.
The temporary structures had low durability and cannot sustain extreme weather conditions. It was therefore imperative to construct full-scale earthquake resistant and child friendly classrooms and residences using prefabricated material projecting 300 students. Construction work started from November 1, 2015.
The picture below shows the new dormitory receiving finishing touches.

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