Sponsored by Si Tunbridge Wells and TW Women 100 to celebrate 100 years of women over 30 obtaining the Vote we were delighted to welcome Dr Helen Pankhurst to Manna Cafe in Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells High Street to hear a talk about women’s rights and the Suffragette Legacy. Great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, Dr Helen had a few family stories to convey of differences within the family in attitudes to campaigning and she highlighted how her relatives were buried in different continents.Discussing issues around agency, sense of self, Dr Pankhurst moved onto a very interesting discussion in relation to the media and its trivialisation and sexualisation of women. The presentation was opened into a question and answer session (Buzz Group) to allow the audience of nearly 100 women and men to debate and vote on how much change we felt had actually taken place in the last 100 years. (As a club we have 17 members, so were very encouraged at the attendance numbers for this event)
Some of the examples of changes in social norms were found to have been surprising recent. We also discussed the #METOO movement and how social media whilst having its downside, exposing women to online abuse is also a medium we need to embrace in order to take part in the digital conversation.
Charlotte Bartholomew sang
You are the Voice to open the event and This is Me to close the event.
Dr Pankhurst’s book
Deeds Not Words was available for purchase with a personal signature and the books were provided by Waterstones of Tunbridge Wells.

Si Tunbridge Wells look forward to hearing Dr Helen again at conference in Liverpool.
Each person who attended was given a Si Tunbridge Wells postcard and this event was publicised on all of our Social Media platforms.
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