What did clubs do in South East England Region?

Tellers of Tales Book
‘Tellers of Tales’ is an exciting book of 76 original stories and poems , written by 48 different Soroptimists from 14 countries in all 4 Federations. It has been compiled by members of SI Canterbury to raise money for the BIG Project, ‘Birthing in the Gambia’.The book launch was held  on 12 September 2013, during International Literacy week, at ‘No 63’. Guests of Honour included  SIGBI President Elect Margaret Oldroyd, Vice President Jenny Vince and the BIG Project Liaison Officer, Rita Allen – who gave an informative presentation about the Project.
This excellent celebration  was hosted by editor Jacque Emery, a member of SI Canterbury and President Elect for South-East England. Writers from all over the country , and even from The Netherlands shared their work. We laughed when Heather Nestel delivered a calf in Jamaica and when Audrey Butterworth was taken for a ghost! We couldn’t stop laughing at Pat Fergusson’s account of staying in a hotel of dubious repute in Macau! We were deeply moved when Jo Collins read her late mother’s story, ‘To be a Pilgrim’ , in her memory.
Books have been available for sale at £10 each at Region meetings and at the Gateshead Conference.
In Their Shoes
The youngest member of
SI Lewes, art student Elizabeth Mackintosh,  donated a painting which has been sold in aid of the BIG Project. Cards featuring the work are also on sale.

Also in 2013

SI Ashford held a summer lunch party in support of a water project they are working on in Morocco, which included a produce stall in aid of The BIG Project, selling jams, marmalades, olives, plants, herbs, knitted items etc.
SI Beckenham and District – 5 teams of 4/5 people and 8 taster dishes moved around the globe, with 10 questions about the food from the relevant countries between “courses”
SI Folkestone held a brunch in the Club President’s garden, where members of the club and friends and family enjoyed a wonderful cooked brunch of eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes washed down with tea and coffee.
SI Croydon and District held a Big Dimbaleh on 9th November
SI Tunbridge Wells held a pop-up book sale on 8th and 9th November

In 2014
SI Sevenoaks held a “Swap for Spring” event, SI Lewes had a boot fair, and “Bagathons’ were held by Beckenham and Croydon; Medway, Maidstone and Gravesend; Ashford, Canterbury and Folkestone; and East Grinstead.

Many of these events feature in the following slide show:
  • SI Canterbury :the launch of Tellers of Tales at 63

  • The launch of Tellers of Tales at 63

  • The launch of Tellers of Tales at 63

  • "In Their Shoes", a painting by Elizabeth Mackintosh of SI Lewes

  • "In their Shoes" cards on sale at SIGBI Conference. Rita Allen and Anne Hudson

  • "Tellers of Tales" on sale at SIGBI Conference. Anne Hudson and Pat Black

  • Tunbridge Wells pop-up book sale

  • Sevenoaks "Swap for Spring"

  • Beckenham and Croydon Bagathon

  • Beckenham and Croydon Bagathon

  • SI Lewes Boot Fair - 18 May

  • SI Lewes Boot Fair

  • Ashford, Canterbury and Folkestone Bagathon 26 July

  • Maidstone, Medway and Gravesend Bagathon

  • Bagathon at Rochester Castle 31 May and 1 June

  • SI East Grinstead Bagathon 17 August 2014